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Posh Furniture Rental
POSH Facts...

Posh Furniture Rental, your exclusive provider of custom, showroom quality exhibit furniture, designed to fit YOUR specific requests. If you demand excellence, Posh delivers it- everyday!

>LOCATION:  Posh Main Office is located at 9245 Reseda Blvd Ste 175, Northridge,
            CA. Warehouses are located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Atlanta. From
      these locations we are able to service surrounding cities and counties within 
                              an 8-12 hour drive.

>OUR CLIENTS: Our Core business is partnering with large associations and major
                               corporations. We act as preferred vendor to several exhibit houses as well as 
                               small companies throughout U.S. and Canada.

>OPERATIONS:  Our team is comprised of three owners and five full time/ part time
                               team members. Each owner has over 13 years in the furniture rental
                               industry and all carry solid interior design experience.

>      POSH DIFFERENCE: We pride ourselves in understanding that " Not all furniture fits all
                               environments". Our goal is to STAND OUT and offer something different
                               than what's traditionally offered in the " show kits" and do this at fewer costs.
                               At Posh, we offer the trade show black accent pieces, along with other unique 
                               design- inspired looks as well.

                               Our goal is to "LISTEN" to what's needed in the marketplace and to adapt to
                               it. If pricing is a factor- we'll work with you to fit your budgets. If a particular
                               color is needed, using our new, " Posh Recover It Your Way!" Program, we are
                               able to color match and recover our frames to match YOUR booth or
                               environment. If you have  special requirements such as an extra early
                               morning delivery or very late pick -up or need special "white glove treatment",
                               we can easily accommodate these distinctive requests.

When looking for convenience, quality and GREAT service all at a grand value, POSH Furniture Rental is your best option. Our " Posh Recover It Your Way" Program, gives you the exact look you need, all without additional costs. You have flexibility to select from our standard program, or mix and match to create your very own personal collection. The choice is yours! 

Off: 661) 296-8461     Fax : (661) 291-6602 Email: poshfurniture@aol.com